Gravitational therapy

Gravitational therapy

Gravitational therapy is an innovative and effective method for treating patients with therapeutic, neurological and surgical profiles.

The mechanism of action of the therapeutic method: the Gradual back-and-forth change of the angle of impact of the force of gravity on the human body about the longitudinal and transverse axes with a frequency in the range of vasomotions. The combination of two factors — the force of gravity and the frequency of vasominations — provides effective dynamic movement within the body’s biological fluids, improving tissue trophism.

Of particular importance is this therapeutic method acquired in the complex correction of microcirculation disorders in pathologies in the field of cardiology, diabetology and vascular surgery. In addition, the aging process of the human body is inextricably linked with progressive disorders of microcirculation of organs and tissues (microcirculatory course). In this regard, gravitational therapy technologies are of great interest for modern experimental and practical medicine.

The effects that determine the specifics of the therapeutic, physical factor, include a smooth redistribution of blood, body fluids, increased hydrostatic pressure in the vessels of the lower extremities,” soft ” increase in the load on the skeleton and internal structures of the body, changes in the functional state of mechanoreceptors, gravireceptors, stimulation of baroreceptors (synocarotide zone), deformation and displacement of organs and tissues.

In assessing the results of laser Doppler flowmetry, an increase in the proportion of nutritive blood flow (an increase in the number of functioning capillaries), the predominance of active mechanisms of regulation of microcirculation over the passive one was noted.

The method was integrated into the educational process of the Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology of Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education (BelMAPO) in June 2018.

In practice, the effective implementation of the Gravitational therapy method is carried out using a medical device – “Inversion table for therapeutic intervention to the patient”


  • direct impact on the process of improving blood circulation (microcirculation);
  • systemic impact on the whole body (from foot to legs), including internal organs;
  • high efficiency and long-lasting effect;
  • minimal contraindications.