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The inversion table for therapeutic intervention to the patient is a robotic bed that works with a twenty-minute cycle, carrying out smooth motions in two planes with gradual inclination with respect to the transverse axe (antigravitational treatment). The medical bed is equipped with an orthopedic mattress, a functional pillow and lumbar bandage for fixation.

The bed can be delivered with a personal computer and heartbeat monitor, which during the time of the procedure continuous fixes the basic indicators of central hemodynamics (heart rate, blood pressure, SPo2, breathing rate, ECG). The original software allows to record and safe indicators registered by the patient monitor in accordance with the angle of inclination of the table.

Visual appearance


  • Essential arterial hypertension
  • Сoronary heart disease
  • Сhronic lymphovenous failure of the lower limbs
  • Circulation failure in cardiac patients
  • Sleep disorders
  • Patients in acute, life-threatening conditions, during pregnancy, with bleeding of different etiology, at the early postoperative period should not be exposed to inversion exposure.
  • It is prohibited to treat using this equipment patients under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances as well as patients suffering from a mental illness.
  • Per day can be carried out only one treatment session. In order to obtain a long-lasting effect it is necessary to pass a treatment cycle consisting of 10 procedures with the subsequent repeat in 2-4 weeks.
  • Exposure using the inversion table is advised as well as restorative and rejuvenating procedure and for theimprovement in sleep quality.


With regard to the safety the table complies with requirements of the State Standard GOST ‎20790-93,STB IEC ‎60601-1-1-2005, GOST 30324.0-95, protection class I, Protection Rating of the working section B.

If there is a failure in the power supply network 230 V, the control circuit automatically switches the table to the power mode from the uninterruptible power supply, built in in the control unit of the table. At the same time are activated the sound and visual signals. The uninterruptible power supply ensures the work of the table in a given mode for at least 25 minutes, what allows to complete the started cycle.

  • altitude of the table up to the top fence minimal/maximal, mm 951/1000
  • width of the bed, mm 1000
  • length of the bed, mm 2100
  • width of base, mm 1252
  • length of base, mm 1220
  • overall dimensions of the mattress: width х length х thickness, mm 1000х2100х200

The weight of the table is not more than 138 kg.

The table operates from the AC power supply with a voltage of 230 V, with a frequency of 50 Hz, herewith remains functional in case of supply variation ranging from 207 to 253V.

  • The table ensures the required operating mode with a uniformly distributed working load limit up to 150 kg.
  • The table operating mode setup time does not exceed 3 minutes.
  • The table ensures the following operating mode: 20 minutes — operation, 10 minutes — pause, for at least 8 hours per day.
  • The average service life of the table — not less than 10 years.

When manufacturing the electronic circuit of the control unit of the inversion table were used modern high-stable electronic components. This makes it possible to achieve the high reliability of the inversion table, its safety, Small dimensions and weight, and as a consequence, its usability.

The table has 3 actuators with a load capacity of at least 600 kg for each one.

How does the table function

The patient is placed in prone position on his right side with legs bent at the knees, with his left foot on the long side of a pillow. Fixation of the patient is carried out using a soft orthopedic belt over the pelvis.

The equipment is driven by the remote control. Very slowly and smoothly moving, by reciprocating movements with the determined frequency the recumbent surface gradually reaches the tilt toward the head portion up to 30 degrees and in the same rhythm returns back.

The patented method of treatment using the inversion table refers to the gravitational therapy.

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Method of the gravitational therapy

Numerous scientific studies (Breslaw, Glebowski, 1981; Sergievsky and other, 1993; Dworezky, 1994; Kolchinskaya, 1994; Safonov, Minyaev, Polunin, 2000) suggest that when changing the body position in space towards the gravitation vector (postural effects) the functional shifts affect first of all blood circulatory and respiratory systems.

Today it is already proved that gravitational therapy is an effective method of treating patients of therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical profiles, based on the factor of the angular autogravitational effect.


Gravitation is a permanent factor of the environment, which remains constant since the origin of life on the Earth.

The history of the development of the method of treatment by gravitational force counts more than 100 years. In the literary sources occurs the description of the method of gravitation force apply by turning the body upside down. Hippocrates has used the method of body traction by hanging it on belts, so he treated back diseases and headaches.

In modern medicine scientists of different medical and non-medical fields have examined the effects of gravitation force on human body in different body position with respect to the vector of gravity action force.

The question of the influence of the natural /innate gravity on the vital activity of organisms has continually attracted the attention of the fathers of physiology: I.M. Sechenova, I.P. Pavlova, V.I. Vernadsky and others.



According to the results of capillaroscopy, carried out before and after the course of treatment, it is found that the equipment is highly-efficient for the treatment of blood microcirculation disorders.

Also, the instrumental study of patients, who have undergone a ten-day course of treatment, shows a significant increase in exercise tolerance (based on veloergometry), normalization of blood pressure, reducing the signs of ischemia on ECG, decrease in pulmonary artery pressure.

During clinical trials, the results obtained by instrumental examinations confirm a significantly higher efficiency of this method in the treatment of chronic lymphovenous insufficiency of the lower limbs in comparison with pharmacotherapy and compression therapy.

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The inversion table for therapeutic intervention to the patient has passed the complete cycle of sanitary and hygienic examination in the State institution «Republican Centre of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health» RB, technical examination in the research centre of measuring tools and equipment examination Belorussian State Institute of Metrology, and also clinical trials in lead health care institutions:

• Healthcare facility «City Clinical Hospital No. 10»
• Healthcare facility «Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital»
• State Institution «Republican Research and Practice Centre « Cardiology»
• Healthcare facility «City Clinical Hospital No. 4 after N.E. Savchenko»
• Healthcare facility «City Clinical Hospital No. 9»


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