About us


Belmedinnovation company is a domestic manufacturer and supplier of inversion tables for therapeutic intervention to the patient.

Our unique equipment has an autogravitational effect on the human body and is an effective method of treatment and prevention of circulatory system diseases.

We provide the supply of medical equipment for sanatoriums, health resorts, hospitals, health clinics and other treatment and prevention facilities and health establishments.


Our research team works on creation of innovative solutions in the field of medicine.

The company constantly conducts clinical research (trials) and has at its disposal all the necessary technical, registration and medical documentation.

  • Invention Patents
  • Registration certificate of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic Belarus
  • Reports on carrying out of sanitary and hygienic, technical and clinical trials





Registration certificate

№ ИМ-7.103706

Registration certificate

№ ИМ-7.103706/1612