The central focus of the LLC «Belmedinnovation» activity is development, implementation and sale of high-quality medical equipment, which allows to treat disorders of blood microcirculation in case of various diseases.

We are glad to introduce to you the Innovative solution of our company — the inversion table for therapeutic intervention to the patient.

This unique equipment, which has no comparable counterparts in the world, has an integrated impact on the system of microcirculation and is applicable in many branches of medicine.


  • Along with sanitary-hygienic and technical expertise, during the last 2 years the table successfully passed clinical trials in the leading health care institutions of the Republic of Belarus
  • Existence of patents on the equipment, software, as well as the method of treatment using the inversion table
  • Wide application field, as far as the main effect of using the table – improvement of blood microcirculation
  • High efficiency, proven by clinical trials
  • High tolerability
  • Simplicity and convenience in use
  • Improvement of a general well-being and increase in exercise tolerance
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs


Our mission is — to increase the efficiency of doctors work and to enhance the quality of life of the patients through the use of modern equipment and innovative methods of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation!

We help people to stay healthy and active at any age!


With respect to you, LLC «Belmedinnovation» team



  • We produce only quality innovative equipment
  • Our company is the owner of patents for inventions and methods of treatment
  • In the team are working authors – developers
  • All products are certificated, have passed clinical trials successfully and have positive expert evaluations (reviews)
  • We provide favourable terms of sales and service maintenance of medical equipment
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Operating principle

An inversion table is a robotic device that works with a twenty-minute cycle, carrying out smooth motions in two planes with gradual inclination with respect to the transverse axe(antigravity treatment).

The rhythm of human microcirculation vessels in a healthy body is accepted as a basis for the bed movement algorithm.  Exposure is carried out by forming a liquid wave (blood, lymph, intercellular fluid) in the human body.

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On what terms it is possible to purchase an inversion table?
How is carried out the warranty and service maintenance of the equipment?
What is the term of delivery of the equipment?
What is included in the delivery set of the inversion table?
Is it possible to use the inversion table at home privately?

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